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  • With Xlerate's Connected Navigation solution "NavXtend". Your field workers receive turn-by-turn voice guidance to the next job or destination, while office dispatchers can track and locate field staff precisely in real time.

  • Field workers can receive accurate upto the minute job information, capture and update job data from the field reducing end of day paper work and saving time.
  • Customers hate service appointment windows because they feel like a prisoner in their own home waiting for the mobile worker to arrive. When the worker does show up, frequently they don’t have the correct skills or parts to complete the task.

  • Customer's can receive real time udpates on thier orders and can be kept informed every step of the way saving them time improving customer satisfaction.
Appliance and equipment repair
Building maintenance and cleaning company
Carpet and Flooring installers
HVAC installation and maintenance
Windshield and glass repair
Pest control
Plumbing service and repair
Pool maintenance and repair
Security and guard patrol
Utility companies
Head your mobile workers in the right direction.
Who is the closest worker with the required skills for this job?
Xlerate quickly identifies qualified mobile workers closest to a job.
Our mobile worker complains about too much paperwork
NavXtend enables instant data communications of job details and updates from the field to virtually eliminate driver paperwork.
It seems like my techs are driving helter-skelter.
NavXtend creates the most efficient routes all day long based on the location of each confirmed customer appointment.
I don’t know how accurate the mileage reimbursement reports are.
Xlerate reports kms required to complete jobs in the order handled.
Why are so many customers not home when a technician arrives?
NavXtend can automatically inform the customer to confirm they will be home via SMS.
We always seem to have too much overtime by our field workers.
Xlerate can report on work hours and out of office hours and set thresholds for alerts.
Whether your company does installation, repair, or maintenance, all field service companies struggle with improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency despite rising labour and fuel costs.
In the Xlerate Application you can create a new job, detailing all of the relevant information your driver needs to get the job done – address, phone number, time of arrival and any special instructions.
  • Dispatch Jobs to Mobile Workers
    With the Connected Navigation Solution, a mobile worker receives work orders or locations as an optimized schedule, dispatched in advance or in real-time, and delivered to NavXtend - a GPS-enabled device.

  • Turn by Turn Direction
    Mobile workers receive work assignments along with audible turn-by-turn directions to work locations, eliminating the need to dangerously look down at printed directions or manually type addresses into a non-connected device.
  • Dynamic Scheduling
    If a schedule changes, Connected Navigation updates the day’s route automatically, ensuring your mobile worker is always routed to the latest, critical assignments. Easily accommodate customer requests without missing a beat, significantly improving customer service and responsiveness.

  • Real Time Visibility of Jobs Stats
    With Connected Navigation, your managers’ time is freed up to focus on other business matters. At the same time, managers have real-time visibility into each driver’s location and status, including whether they acknowledged a new location, when they started navigating to a location, and when they arrived at the location.
With Xlerate’s Connected Navigation you can revolutionise your dispatching operation...
  • Gain insight into your operations. Tune your business to peak operating performance by storing the history of departure and arrival times, daily work, and the time each job takes. You can then generate the reports that answer key management questions.

  • Control costs. With NavXtend, when configured with automated scheduling and routing, Xlerate customers have experienced up to a 25 percent decrease in operational costs. Reduce driving time, leading to lower mileage and fuel expense, improved vehicle utilization, reduced overtime and labour costs. Eliminate unauthorized use, theft or loss while saving on insurance premiums and more.
  • Improve productivity. With NavXtend, optimize your drivers' time and get more done in less time. Re-coup significant time by shifting manual processes to automated route preparation, scheduling and dispatching.

  • Mitigate risk. Know exactly where your workers are, have been, and where they are headed. All information is stored and easily accessible.

  • Improve customer service. Arrive on-time at customer locations, deliver accurate shipments, and keep in touch with them about scheduled arrival times and unexpected changes.
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